Hair Regrowth Treatment

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It is a latest, state-of-the-art technology that employs non-surgical methods to stimulate hair growth in case of hair loss, natural way to rejuvenate your scalp, skin and stimulate your hair growth.It is a effective Hair fall treatment and does not require any surgery. It is done by drawing a small amount of blood approximately 20ml from the client suffering hair fall problem. This procedure is considered completely natural as the clients own platelet rich plasma are activated and injected to the scalp to give growth factor and healing.

This is considered an excellent therapy for clients who want to retain the natural hair from further hair fall.

1 review for Hair Regrowth Treatment

  1. Amit Tyagai

    Every one can afford this price. I took 4 sessions here. Highly satisfaction results. Visible difference was in mine 2nd visit.

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